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The mission of the McLoughlin Memorial Association is to assist in the promotion of Dr. John McLoughlin and his associates through education, interpretation, preservation, respect, and appreciation of our heritage.

News and Events

2023 Mcloughlin House/Barclay House Events


     24 - Pints for Charity Fundraiser


     17 - McLoughlin House opens for season.

     18 - Statehood Day.


     11 - Victorian Craft Demonstration - Basic Sewing Stiches / Sewing Lesson Book.


     8 - Victorian Craft Demonstration - Hem Stitch and beaded picot edging.


     13 - Victorian Craft Demonstration - Blanket Stitch and penny rug coasterh

     16 - Mod Pizza Fundraiser - Use Promo Code MODF17514. Address: 19550 Molalla Ave, Suite 145, Oregon City.


     10 - Victorian Craft Demonstration - Quill pens.

     16-17 - June is for Weddings


     8 - Victorian Craft Demonstration - Bring your sewing book for unfinished projects.


     12 - Annual Yard sale at the Rose Farm.

     17 - Dine-out fundraiser - Mike's Drive-in - All day - Use promo code MMA23. Address: 905 7th St., Oregon City.

     19 - Pioneer Field Day - (This event has been canceled)


     9 - Victorian Craft Demonstration - Pouch suitable for small items such as cell phone.


     14 - Victorian Craft Demonstration - Beginning Embroidery/Embroidery stich sample book.

     21 - Dr. McLoughlin's 239th birthday celebration


     11 - Victorian Craft Demonstration - End of season catch up annd show off day. Or make a small tie-on pocket.

     16 - Dine-out fundraiser - Mike's Drive-in - All day - Use promo code MMA23. Address: 905 7th St., Oregon City.


     TBD - Heritage Days - Open House

     For More Information on Victorian Craft Demonstrations click here>

NOTE: Victorian Craft Demonstrations for the 2023 season will be on a first come, first serve basis through a reservation system. We will begin accepting reservations for each demo two weeks ahead and we will confirm reservations prior to the scheduled Victorian Craft Demonstration. (Reservations for March 11 open on February 24, 2023). Please contact the McLoughlin Memorial Association through our email: to schedule your reservation.

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We celebrated Dr. McLoughlin's

235th birthday on October 19, 2019.

Click here for pictures.


McLoughlin House Hours:


Friday and Saturday

 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


     713 Center Street, Oregon City, Oregon


     Virtual tours of the McLoughlin House will be held next door at the Barclay House. Admission is free.


   The gift shop is open all day.




In the Historic Forbes Barclay house,

719 Center, Oregon City

(Next door to the McLoughlin House)

Open 10am - 4pm Fridays & Saturdays


Specializing in

*Oregon Trail Diaries/Oregon History/prints of Original Photos

*Victorian Handicrafts (Wonder what people did before cable TV?)

*National Park Passport Stamps

*Replica Toys/Old fashioned Candies and...

*MMA members receive 10% off Gift Store purchases


All proceeds go to support:

The McLoughlin House/Barclay House/Holmes House

The National Park Site & McLoughlin Memorial Association



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