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713 Center Street Oregon City, OR  97045 USA


The mission of the McLoughlin Memorial Association is to assist in the promotion of Dr. John McLoughlin and his associates through education, interpretation, preservation, respect, and appreciation of our heritage.

News and Events

The McLoughlin and Barclay Houses will reopen on February 16, 2018 at 10 am.



      14: Victorian Craft Demonstration: 12-3pm

             ( Penny Rugs )

      19: Fundraiser aat Mike's Drive-In - In OC. -- All day - must use coupon sent via email or picked up at the Barclay House (call for more information)



      National Historic Preservation Month "This Place Matters" program.

      12: Victorian Craft Demonstration 12-3pm

             ( Crab/Balloon Bags )

      19: Founders Day - Ice Cream Social Fundraiser 11am - 3pm



      9: Victorian Craft Demonstration: 12-3pm

             ( Antique Buttons )

      22-23: Oregon City Heritage days



      14: Victorian Craft Demonstration: 12-3pm

             ( Nature Prints )

      14: First City Festival - Downtown Oregon City



      11: Annual Plunder Sale - 415 Jefferson Street - All day - Houses open



      8: Victorian Craft Demonstration: 12-3pm

           ( Lucet - Technique for making cord or braid )

      13: Fundraiser aat Mike's Drive-In - In OC. -- All day - must use coupon sent via email or picked up at the Barclay House (call for more information)



      13: Victorian Craft Demonstration: 12-3pm

             ( Half Circle Housewife )

      20: Dr. McLoughlin's 234th birthday



      2: Dr. McLoughlins Soiree

      10: Victorian Craft Demonstration: 12-3pm

             ( Feather Christmas Trees )



      1: Heritage Days.

      1: House closes for the season.

McLoughlin House Hours:


Friday and Saturday

 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


     713 Center Street, Oregon City, Oregon


     Tours begin next door at the Barclay House. Admission is free.


   The McLoughlin House can be accessed by guided tours only. Tours take approximately 45 minutes.


   Tours are 15 minutes after the hour with the last tour at 3pm. Gift shop open all day.


   At this time, wheelchair accessibility to the McLoughlin House is limited due to two entry stairs.


   For additional information or reservations, required only for groups of 10 people or more email




In the Historic Forbes Barclay house,

719 Center, Oregon City

(Next door to the McLoughlin House

Open 10am - 4pm Fridays & Saturdays


Specializing in

*Oregon Trail Diaries/Oregon History/prints of Original Photos

*Victorian Handicrafts (Wonder what people did before cable TV?)

*National Park Passport Stamps

*Replica Toys/Old fashioned Candies and...

*Raffle tickets to win a real Pendleton Blanket

*MMA members receive 10% off Gift Store purchases


All proceeds go to support:

The McLoughlin House/Barclay House/Holmes House

The National Park Site & McLoughlin Memorial Association


The McLoughlin Memorial Association © 2014

P.O. Box 3261, Oregon City, OR 97045